Group Therapy Options in Portland, Oregon

Have you ever considered group therapy before? Groups can be an extraordinary source of validation and support, decrease feelings of alienation or isolation, greatly increase feelings of emotional support and hopefulness, and be tremendous catalysts for positive changes. I have two weekly groups. Group one meets weekly on Tuesday evenings and the second group (women only) gathers on Thursday mornings. 

 Surviving and Thriving Through Transition:
Group Therapy near downtown Portland, Oregon
Tuesday Evenings 6:30pm-8:15pm

This will be a small and ongoing group for people going through the current challenges of life transitions. Examples might include the ending of a relationship, divorce, career changes/unemployment, a new or upcoming move, mid-life challenges, graduation, or other significant life change that has made the member realize that the additional support of a therapist and others could be helpful and meaningful at this time. Cost per session is $50 and group is limited to six members. (Sliding scale may be available if necessary.)

Portland's Women Therapy Support Group:
Women's Support Group near downtown Portland, Oregon 
Thursday Mornings 10am-11:30am

Consider giving yourself the gift of a weekly circle of support that is focused on the needs and goals of a small and supportive group of women. Group is limited to six members. If interested, please  contact me at (503) 450-9902. Cost per session is $50. 

*Please note that I am a Licensed Professional Counselor. An initial one hour individual session is required prior to joining either group. This meeting gives us both the chance to ensure that the group will meet your needs at this time. Please feel free to contact me anytime at (503) 450-9902 or by email at with any questions you may have. Often times, people are apprehensive or nervous about the prospect of opening up to a group they don't yet know. I find that many of the anxieties people hold about groups can be successfully managed and resolved with support and deeper consideration. I welcome your call.

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